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Retiree ID Card

Retiree ID Card Application


  • Proxy renewal is available ONLY to members living outside the five (5) boroughs of New York City and the 6 counties in which active members are permitted to live.
  • ONLY cards issued after November 1, 2002, can be renewed this way. In all other circumstances, members will have to personally visit 1 P.P.
  • ID Cards must be previously expired or expiring within 3-6 months of expiration date.
  • A completed form MUST accompany the card. The link to the form is above and can be downloaded from our website.
  • Additionally, expiration date will be increased from 5 to 8 years.

The National is Authorized to Deliver Member’s Cards to 1 P.P. and Return Same to the Member.

To insure security in the transfer of cards to and from our members the following procedure MUST be adhered to:

  • Items MUST be sent to the National in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope.
  • You will receive a tracking number from post office.
  • The postage is $6.65.

**( Beginning with our December 2017 membership meeting, our Club will be collecting cards quarterly at our meeting and mailing them as a group and paying for the postage).

Place in the Envelope:

  • Your ID card
  • The completed ID Form
  • A check in the amount of $6.65 made out to National NYCPD 10-13 Org. (to cover the cost of priority mail return of your new card).

Address package to:

Frank Martarella
272 Durant Avenue
Staten Island N.Y. 10306

Please allow for up to a 30 day turnaround time. Please, do not deviate from the above instructions. This National service is available only to dues paid National NYCPD 10-13 chapter members.


  • My ID Card was issued before November 2002. Why can’t I have it renewed via proxy?

Prior to November 1, 2002 cards were not digital. Consequently the photo cannot be reproduced.

  • My card has no expiration date. Do I need to have a new card issued?

Definitely not. If you have no expiration date your card is perpetually current. Keep it.

  • I am Transit/Housing Sergeant who retired before the merger. Can I proxy renew.

Yes, If you meet all the above conditions.

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